We have many relationships…..

We are children, parents, grandparents, friends, lovers, partners and care givers. In business we have relationships with our business associates, peers and clients. And all of our relationships are as individual as we are.

Are there are general principles that can be applied to all relationships? I believe there are. But, how do we apply those principles in a real way, a way that can create deeper and more fulfilling relationships in all areas of our lives?

How do you find a romantic partnership that really fits who you are?  Can you really take a relationship that seems to have lost that sparkle and make it even better than before? What do you do to take a relationship that is already “good”  and make it into something great?

Maybe you are a parent who wants to develop a deeper, more loving relationship with your child(ren). Is it possible to help your children become responsible adults AND have a relationship with them that is joyful and peaceful?

Perhaps you have a parent, child or sibling with a mental illness and you feel like your life has tilted off its axis. How can you create a relationship with them that both shows them how much you love them and creates joy and peace inside of you?

And, what about those of us who have young children and aging parents? Are you wondering how you will care for and support both the family you are raising and the parents who raised you without losing yourself in the process?

You can find answers.

I don’t have cookie cutter solutions.  The answers we find together will come from inside of you.  They are your answers. And they work.

If you would like to ask me some questions to see what relationship coaching can do specifically for you, please schedule a 30 minute complimentary coaching session by going to the drop down boxes in the services tab.  I would love to talk to you.

I provide both individual and group coaching opportunities for people who want to deliberately create joy and meaning in their relationships and in their lives.

I will be teaching several different classes through-out this year addressing  a variety of relationship questions. The drop down boxes in the Services menu will show you which classes and workshops are currently available both locally and via tele-conference.

If there is a specific relationship subject you would like me to teach a class on and you do not see it on the schedule, feel free to contact me by sending an email to Darliss@DarlissODonnell.com.

Ciao, Darliss

“The sweetest is still to be tasted. The brightest is yet to be seen.” ~Travis Brewster~